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Since 2011, Creative Solutions in Elder Care has been a thought leader in the region by providing seniors and post-acute patients with a higher level of service with trained In Home Caregivers and licensed Residential Care Homes. By expanding traditional personal and health care to include housekeeping, grocery shopping, driving to run errands, companions at home and in social settings, and pet care, we have grown to seven Residential Care Homes… and even provide medical support services (formerly known as Doctor House Calls).

When confronted with confusing information and complex cases, many families don’t know who to turn to for guidance, other than physicians who are often overwhelmed with caseloads. Our ability to combine creative caregiving solutions with expertise in guiding families throughout the senior care arch allows us to deepen our level of services and help more families.

Did you know?  Our leadership team has more than 100 years’ experience serving elders and post-acute care patients in the Sacramento region.



Our caregiving culture is based on serving with compassion, excellence, and dignity. We believe in going the extra mile.

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Serving with Compassion, Excellence, and Dignity
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Our Team


James Marshall

Marshall is an entrepreneur and community leader, who founded Creative Solutions in Elder Care, a thought leader in the Sacramento region, by providing seniors and post-acute patients with an elevated level of service with trained In Home Caregivers and licensed Residential Care Homes. Jim began his professional career with a one year internship as Case Manager with the Sacramento County Public Conservator’s Office, and was promoted to Public Conservatorship Officer for seven years.

In 1980, Jim began working as a Probate Investigator in the Probate Division of the Sacramento Superior Court until his retirement in 2009. He spent 32 years investigating, visiting, and assessing a variety of residential healthcare living arrangements. When the Court considered appointing a conservator for an incapacitated individual, Jim inspected the living arrangements and wellbeing of the Conservatee on behalf of the Court as well ensuring the Conservator’s performance was in accordance with the legal mandates of the position.

The experience he garnered in his 32 years of serving the Court provided him with vital conflict resolution and problem-solving expertise with families and caregivers. Families considering placement assistance and care for their loved ones are often involved in a difficult decision making process, and he worked diligently to assist in positive resolution. Jim’s comprehensive understanding of the legal process, psychological, and practical factors often inherent during this transitional process gave him the empathy and skills to provide outstanding care when he decided to open his own Home Care Solutions business. Within two years of his retirement in 2009, he took over two existing Care Homes, and began reshaping the industry to better serve the community.

In 2011, he formed Creative Solutions in Elder Care, LLC.  Once he had a team of well-trained caregivers, he opened Creative Home Care Solutions, to help seniors and post-acute care patients with innovative home care strategies to save them and their families’ time, money, and frustration. Jim is widely known in the Sacramento region for his compassion, leadership, and enthusiasm for serving others.




B.A. Psychology
Minor in Social Work
M.A. Psychology

“Our ability to combine our home care agency’s creative caregiving solutions with Donna’s expertise in guiding families throughout the senior care arch allows us to deepen our level of services and help more families.”


Lori James

California native Lori James has been in the medical and caregiving industries throughout her life, continuing a family legacy where eight of her eleven siblings are also in the medical field. The family that heals together stays together. She has extensive experience for both “In Home Care” and residential care home segments of senior care, eventually growing into supporting activities of daily living. After being promoted to administrator for a few years, she currently manages two care homes and supervises 20-25 caregivers for Creative Solutions in Elder Care. She graduated from UEI Fresno in their EKG/medical assistant program. Lori is also the proud mother of six children.